Why do we wrap Christmas presents, and why are we addicted to capitalism?

If we truly got what we wanted for Christmas, Christmas would be over. We would never experience the fun of receiving presents again if we received the true object of our desires. Imagine you got a present that truly, finally satisfied you for Christmas in 2006. Would Christmases 2007-2016 not have been left hollow disappointments?

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Hollywood vs Hong Kong: How to Shoot an Action Scene

When pitching Kill Bill to some studio executives, Quentin Tarentino showed them John Woo’s The Killer, to give them an example of the kind of style he was trying to achieve. Perhaps not understanding what Tarentino was trying to show them exactly, they said Woo “certainly knows how to direct an action scene”. Tarentino replied “Yeah, and Michelangelo can paint a ceiling!”. As the worldwide popularity of Kung Fu and other Hong Kong action films shows, when it comes to exciting, physical action Hong Kong cinema has always out-shined it’s richer and more polished Hollywood equivalent. But why? What makes Hong Kong the so much better at shooting the action scene? In this post we will try to explore a few of the possible reasons.

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